Quality is high on our agenda

The company stands out by way of its in-depth, detailed quality management. All of the processes within the nursery are in line with ISO standards, which means that problems and human errors are kept to an absolute minimum. Daily greenhouse checks are still a necessity. The plants are systematically inspected at various stages of the growing process, naturally before the plant is released for sale and once again before the plant is transported. These quality controls go hand in hand with an infrastructure developed such that all actions which must be carried out to ensure the plant achieves the desired level of growth are controlled from a single central location.

Observations made during the growing process ensure optimum response to the plant's needs throughout the various stages of growth. The climatological conditions which may affect the plant's growth are constantly monitored and responded to. The aim is to supply a healthy and strong plant, the result is a high quality product.

Sentinel is rightly the specialist in cultivation of the scindapsus (epipremnum).