Air Purification

Research has shown that the Scindapsus makes a major contribution to improving living environments. The Scindapsus reduces stress, and it can prevent headaches and skin irritations. In addition, the Scindapsus is very easy to maintain. Incidentally, another trait of the Scindapsus is that it is one of the top ten air-purifying plants. This is because the stomata in its leaves absorb all harmful gas particles, which are then transported to the roots via the plant's stalks. And that's when it happens: numerous micro-organisms break down the harmful compounds into harmless compounds, which in turn serve as food for both the plant and the micro-organisms. The Scindapsus is more than just a decorative item for the home; it is also good for your health!



Little is known about the origins of the Scindapsus plant and its name. To date, people assume that the plant comes from the Solomon Islands in South-west Asia, where the Scindapsus grows as a creeper along trees in the tropical rainforests. The official name of the Scindapsus plant, as we know it, is: Epipremnum pinatum