Customer focus

Organisation of the company is not simply adapted to the growth of its customers, but primarily to their needs. We recognise that it is hugely important, as well as caring for our products, to be committed to our customers' wishes and interests. This latter in particular is a dominant characteristic of the company. We achieve this by delivering our customers' ever increasing range of demands in many areas. Whether it is packaging with a clearly visible barcode, a special pot, packaging in the form of a colourful cover or a price sticker. Packaging requirements can also vary per customer; in dozen of in trays, mixed or per variety. We put ourselves in the end user's shoes, keep up-to-date with the latest market developments and respond to them. By way of added value, our products can be custom-made.


Sentinel guarantees that your request can always be supplied immediately. This certainty cultivates trust and goodwill. To facilitate the delivery of large consignments of Scindapsus in a relatively short period of time, the production process is both automated and advanced. The Sentinel nursery has made optimum investment in these processes. As well as guaranteeing speedy delivery, this also results in a high quality product.